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| Security |

  • SafePal S1 is built with dual chip architect. Embedded with financial grade EAL5+ crypto chip, S1 keeps your private key in top security.
  • S1 is 100% offline. There is NO blue-tooth, NO NFC, NO WiFi and NO internet access in the device.
  • S1 is equipped with true random number generator, which most of existing wallets don’t have, to ensure 100% uniqueness of your private key.
  • Multiple layers of sensor detects any possible software or hardware attacks.
  • Once a malicious attack is detected, the device will activate self-destroy and key-erasing mechanism, preventing anyone from stealing your money.

| Simplicity |

  • 1.3’ high resolution screen displays every detail of your transaction.
  • Well-designed UI details enable everyone to start crypto storage in a simple way.
  • 3 easy steps to finish firmware update, always keep in line with your new coins.
  • Simple back-up and recovery, no worry of wallet lost or damaged.

| Mobility |

  • SafePal S1 is truly mobile-friendly, compatible with Android 5.0/iOS9.0 and above.
  • Receive money anytime, anywhere with an encrypted QR code.
  • Move around with the slim and handy design, always keeping your at ease.


| Coming soon |

  • Adding more coins/tokens including XRP, TRX and more.
  • Tell your favorite coin/token at support@safepal.io , and we will list them in with priority!


| Quick Tips: Setting up your SafePal S1 takes less than 3 minutes |

  1. Download the free App on your iPhone or Android
  2. Take a few steps to create/recover a wallet on your SafePal S1 hardware wallet
  3. Pair them together.
  4. You are good to go! Start your enjoyable crypto life with SafePal anytime, anywhere.