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Q: Are my assets stored on my SafePal wallet?
A: Your money is not stored on SafePal devices. They are recorded on the Blockchain. SafePal wallet is built to save and protect the private key of your accessible asset. The private key is the only key to own and manage your asset. That's why when you initialize your device, you need to copy the mnemonic phrases onto the recovery card: they are backup passwords that import data into any wallet to give you full access to your own assets. Without these mnemonic phrases and your PIN code, no one, including SafePal team, can access your wallet, even if your SafePal wallet is stolen.

Q: What if I forget my PIN code?
A: If you forget your PIN, you will need to reset the wallet and set a new PIN code. Before the reset, make sure you have got the correct mnemonic phrase in your hands to prevent asset loss. Don’t forget to always keep the phrase in a secure locations.

Q: How can I upgrade my SafePal S1?
A: You can upgrade SafePal S1 via firmware OTA procedure. We will keep you posted of our latest upgrade.

Q: Can I return or exchange my SafePal S1?
A: If the device has not been activated, you can return it, but you need to bear the return shipping fee. If the device has been activated, then you can't return it.

For more SafePal S1 information, please refer to the “Support” page.
Or contact us at shop@safepal.io